EMABG MSc course

Set-up of the EM-SANF programme

The EM-SANF programme is unique in its approach towards student mobility. This MSc programme is ‘thesis-oriented’, meaning students work from the first week during the first year towards their thesis, the research work which is conducted in the second year.

The set-up of the EM-SANF programme depends on your study track. In general, students follow courses in their first year at the two assigned universities (typically September to June/July). All courses during both semesters (S1 and S2) are therefore in principle ‘thesis-preparing’ courses closely linked to the future thesis work. Students follow these advanced courses to fully prepare themselves for their thesis work thereafter. Highly qualified staff incorporate new concepts within these courses using the latest insights from recently finished PhD-thesis research.

Course structure

The general structure of EM-SANF is depicted in the figure below.

EMSANF structure.jpg

The complete set-up of the EM-SANF programme is shown in the table below (click to enlarge). Year 1 consists of semesters 1 and 2, year 2 consists of semesters 3 and 4.

EM-SANF complete set-up

Below you can find some brief information about the different elements of EM-SANF. In the download menu at the right of this page you can find detailed information on the different courses, internship and thesis.

The different programme elements:

Introduction Programme

In August, at Wageningen University

At the start of the programme, all new EM-SANF students will attend a common Introduction Programme (IP) in Wageningen. The IP introduces the students to the European learning environment. The two-week intensive course provides the students with an introduction to topics ranging from animal nutrition to scientific skills. The IP also introduces students to each other, to staff and to some industrial partners.

Thesis-preparing courses

Year 1, at two of the partner universities

As you can see in the pictures above, each partner university deals with a different topic. You have the option to follow courses at two of these universities. In semester 1 you will choose to follow courses at either EI Purpan or at Aarhus University. In semester 2 you have to choose between the University of Debrecen or Wageningen University. All of these courses will prepare you for an internship and a thesis in a topic of your interest in year 2.

Summer Conference

In August, at Wageningen University

During the summer programme, EM-SANF students will present their thesis or internship results to each other. The students who are at that moment preparing for their internship or thesis will present their research proposal. Also some companies within the field of animal nutrition will be invited to the summer conference. It is a good opportunity for students to enlarge their network in the field of animal nutrition.


Semester 3, at a company or university

Students will do an internship of 5 months at an industrial or associate partner or at one of the partner universities that was not visited in year 1. The aim of the internship is to offer students the opportunity to learn about the needs of national and international organisations and companies in their field and to apply their skills and knowledge. The internship will be conducted under the supervision of teaching staff from both degree universities (joint supervision).


Semester 4, at a partner university

In general all students do their thesis at one of the partner universities which were visited in year 1. Conducting the thesis at another organisation is also possible. The thesis research is an important component of the EM-SANF course and consists of research leading to a thesis in the field of sustainable animal nutrition and feeding. The courses followed in the first year will prepare the student to conduct the thesis research. The thesis will be conducted under the supervision of teaching staff from both degree universities (joint supervision).

Graduation Ceremony

In August, at Wageningen University

All successful students will obtain the MSc degree of the two partner universities they visited in year 1. Moreover, students will receive an EM-SANF certificate indicating that they joined this prestigious programme successfully. This certificate will be awarded during a ceremony in Wageningen. Staff from the four partners are present and students may invite their family and friends.


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