Detection of nanoparticles in food and feed

Wageningen Food Safety Research has expert knowledge on the detection of nanoparticles in food, feed, biological samples and consumer products. Our advanced research methods allow us to identify the chemical composition of many different materials. We can analyse the sizes as well as the composition of nanoparticles in a sample, and can measure in what quantity they occur.

Most of our advanced methods are based on mass spectrometry in combination with various separation techniques:

  • Single particle ICP-MS

In addition to standardised analyses, Wageningen Food Safety Research also develops and validates new analysis techniques. A validated analysis technique meets strict quality standards and guarantees correctness of the results.

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Tools to study nanotoxicology

Examining gene expression (toxicogenomics) or specific, easily measurable reactions (e.g. via fluorescent cells), enables us to analyse the mechanism and swiftly identify harmful mechanisms.