Goodbye – I’ll love ye and leave ye!

This is it, my Erasmus exchange in Dublin is over now. No maneuvering between all the buses and taxis on my bike anymore, no classes at Cathal Brugha Street, no Tuesday evenings together with all the Erasmus students at Diceys and no Irish street musicians at every corner of the street anymore. My adventure in Dublin is really at the end now; I’m going to miss it.

I started planning this trip more than a year ago, no idea what it would be like, who I would meet and what it would bring me. Now, I’m looking back at an experience I will never ever forget. Even though I’m back again in Wageningen, my memories to Dublin, the friendships I made and everything I’ve learned last year will stay. Suddenly you’ve got friends from all over the world. Trips to Finland, Sweden, Italy or Canada will follow for sure. Getting used to a city completely different from Wageningen, and making new friends all went smoothly and was much easier than I thought.

Now that I know how nice it is to have an Erasmus group around you, who helps you with settling into a new city, exploring the country and making new friends, I decided to help foreign students coming to Wageningen a little bit. Together with Catijn, a friend of mine who also studied in Dublin last semester, I decided to be a buddy during the WinterAID. It is strange to see that these students pass through the same as I did a few months ago. Little difficulties like finding the supermarket, the right buss or classroom; everybody has the same struggles. 

Managing an exchange costs a lot of time and effort and sometimes even some stress, but though it may sound like a cliché, it is more than worth it. So, everybody who ever wants to go abroad for a longer time, go for it!

Currently I already started in Wageningen again. I’m busy with my thesis about biodegradable packaging material. Although it is great to see all my friends in Wageningen, play music with my band, go to W.S.R. Argo at Tuesday evenings or to a party at Ceres, it won’t take long before I go abroad again. Last week I am selected for the Netherlands – Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS). This Summer I will go to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei; my new adventure, I’m really looking forward to it!

Dublin you’ve been amazing; see you soon, goodbye, or in Irish: “I’ll love ye and leave ye”.