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Thesis topics at ORL are related to what is discussed within the ORL courses and our research projects. There is a clear track of courses to follow which leads to an ORL thesis. The tracks are different per study programme and are shown in the ORL Thesis prerequisites. You can choose a thesis topic in consultation with the thesis coordinator.

Link to ORL Thesis prerequisites

For inspiration regarding possible topics for a thesis or internship at ORL, you can check the example projects (see the links displayed on the right side of this webpage). NB: for a thesis you can check both BSc and MSc projects; it is about the themes.


Below you can download some useful forms for your thesis or for your academic internship. The checklist is a summary of the activities of the thesis - and the internship process. The MSc Thesis Protocol describes the rules and procedures for writing an ORL MSc thesis. The Academic Internship Course Guide will help you from the organisation to the completion of your academic internship. Before you start an MSc thesis or an academic internship, you and your supervisors make a formal agreement, to the benefit (and protection) of all parties involved. Afterwards, also the assessment of the thesis or internship is formalised.

More forms can be found and downloaded from the website of Education and Student Affairs.

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