Market Intelligence: a comprehensive view of the future

Market Intelligence: a comprehensive view of the future

You know your product, your competitors and your market better than anyone else. The world in which you operate is complex and is continuously changing. Your strategic decisions are determined by such factors as changing customer and consumer needs and technological innovations within your company or technological innovations that are being developed by your competitors. But these decisions are also being determined by public policy during crises, such as trade barriers, and by rules and regulations.

When it comes to these kinds of developments, and the consequences for your market there is an ever-increasing amount of information available, but how can you turn this to your advantage? And which consequences can you expect to face when it comes to your commercial and marketing strategy? Wageningen Economic Research offers you the latest scientific insights into consumer and market developments and can apply them to your strategy by linking them to your market knowledge. 

What we can do for you

The research results confirmed our strategy - that flavour is paramount - and provided us with marketing tools for our products.
Anne Marie Schoevaars, Enza Zaden

Using the latest insights in the agri & food market to support your commercial strategy

Using the latest scientific insights, market models and unique opportunities for conducting consumer research, Wageningen Economic Research will work with you to discover future prospects in agricultural and food markets. Would you like to gain a better understanding of consumer motivation, behavioural incentives, and the impact that these have on purchasing and consumption so that you can improve your company’s competitive position? We will inform you about the consumer’s rapidly changing needs and expectations with respect to your product range and cooperate with you to establish interventions that lead to successful behavioural change.

Would you rather determine where global market prospects occur and how your company can profit from these? We will explain the implications of economic, technological, social and other crucial developments such as changing trade agreements and the impact of climate change. We draw on a multitude of in-house and external data sources and models, determine the impact of government policy and perform quantitative analyses so that we can measure the impact of market interventions. Together, we will develop market scenarios on which you can base your strategic commercial choices.

Why you should choose Wageningen Economic Research:

  • Decades of international experience in international agricultural food markets
  • Extensive network of experts and a unique knowledge of global agricultural and food markets
  • State-of-the-art data and market models, data science and domain expertise
  • Evidence-based insights into your unique situation and integrated recommendations on policy and decision-making

Which piece of the puzzle do you need?

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Whether you require market intelligence, knowledge about consumer behaviour or both, Wageningen Economic Research offers concrete answers that allow you to make your organisation future-proof.

About Wageningen Economic Research

Wageningen Economic Research is the social and economic institute for applied research at Wageningen University & Research. We support the business community, government authorities and NGOs in the transition to a more sustainable and healthier food system. To this end, we offer the latest evidence-based insights. These are directly applicable to the development of strategy and decision-making, which provides us with the means to enable our clients to make informed and accurate decisions about their commercial strategy.