Equipment present at Food Chemistry

  • Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Electrophoresis
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Other
  • Hyphenated techniques
Equipment Type Detection Instrument
HPLC (isocratic) SEC or IC RI / UV Dionex Ultimate 3000 (2x)
HPAEC (Inert quaternary) AEC PAD / UV Dionex ICS 5000 (2x)
HPAEC (Inert quaternary) AEC PAD / Post column addition Dionex ICS 5000 (2x)
UPLC RP / NP UV / ELS / MS Thermo Vanquish (2x)
UPLC (Bio) RP UV / MS / FLR Waters Acquity H Class Bio
Prep HPLC (quaternary) RP / NP UV / MS / Fraction collection Waters Prep
Semi-Prep LC SEC, IC or HIC UV / Cond / Fraction collection Pharmacia Akta purifier / micro
Prep-LC SEC, IC or HIC UV / RI Fraction collection Pharmacia Akta explorer
Flash Chromatography RP / NP ELS / UV Fraction collection Grace Reveleris iES
GC-MS Thermal desorption unit Thermo Trace 1300 MSD
GC Static headspace sampler Thermo Focus
GC-MS (Pyrolysis) Purge and Trap, dynamic and static headspace Thermo Trace 1300/ Trace 1300 - Exactive
AF4 RI / RALLS Thermo Ultimate 3000 + Wyatt
Type Instrument
UV (Standard UV + kinetics) Cuvette Shimadzu - 1240 mini / Shimadzy - UV1800
UV (Standard UV + Kinetics) Microtiterplate Molecular devices - Spectramax M2 and ID3
Fluorescence (polarization) detector Microtiterplate Tecan Infinity 500
Circular dichroism
System Detection Equipment
Capillary-electrophoresis UV / LIF / MS Beckman ProteomeLab PA-800 plus
SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE, IEF, titration curves Pharmacia - Phast system
SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE Bio-rad - Mini Protean system
Biorad blotting Bio-rad
Gelscanner Bio-rad GS900
Mass spectrometry
Type Extra Instrument
ESI / APCI Ion Trap MS Thermo LTQ Velos Pro (2x)
ESI Orbitrap UV Detection Thermo Q Exactive Focus
ESI TOF MS Ion Mobility and ETD Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS
MALDI-TOF/TOF MS Bruker UltraflexTreme TOF
Type Equipment
Automated drop tensiometer Tecklis - Tracker
Autoanalyser Skalar - Auto Analyser
DUMAS nitrogen (determination unit) Interscience Flash ea1112
Differential Scanning Calorimetry
pH stat Metrohm - Titrando 902
Foamscan Teclis - Foamscan
Nanosizer ZSP Malvern - Zetaziser Nono ZSP
Excellarated solvent extractor Buchi - Speed extractor
Speed evaporator Buchi Syncore
Hyphenated Techniques
Combination extra Equipment
UPCL - IT MS Vanquish + LTQ VelosPRo
UPLC - Orbitrap MS Vanquish + Q Exactive Focus
UPLC - TOF MS Ion mobility Acquity + Synapt G2Si HDMS
CE - IT MS Proteomelab PA800 plus + LTQ VelosPro