Global Nutrition

The chair group Global Nutrition (within the Division of Human Nutrition and Health) led by EJM (Edith) Feskens focusses on nutritional needs and interventions to achieve and maintain optimal health throughout the life span. Dietary intake, nutritional status and functional outcomes are studied at the individual level as well as in public health related interventions. Research and training is concentrated on nutrients, foods and dietary patterns, is physiologically oriented and targeted both at western and non-western settings.

The chair group covers the following research themes:

  1. International Maternal and Child Nutrition aims to determine efficacy of innovative food-based approaches with focus on preventing micronutrient deficiencies.
  2. Nutrition and ageing aims to identify dietary strategies that optimize nutritional status to slow down or reverse stages preceding ageing related pathologies (cognitive decline, sarcopenia, osteoporosis).
  3. Nutrition, physical activity and sports aims to study the interaction between nutrition and physical activity as well as the effect of nutrition on sports performance and recovery.
  4. Dietary assessment and nutrition behaviour
  5. Nutrition, obesity and the metabolic syndrome
  6. Prevention of diet-related non-communicable diseases

Education is offered at BSc, MSc and PhD level on food intake, nutrients and their function, and public health nutrition in industrialised and tropical countries. Important aspects of all training are principles and methods of nutrition research, including food intake and food composition, determination of nutritional status and the design of controlled intervention studies.
From September 2015 onwards we organize the Distance Learning Master Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health together with the chair group Nutrition and Disease.

Expertise and facilities are available to study dietary assessment, food composition, levels of intermediary biomarkers, energy balance, body composition and body functions, and to carry out controlled human dietary intervention studies.

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