Devi Hermsen, Ph.D Student (the Netherlands)

Area of interest
The broad interests of Devi include evolutionary biology, top-predator behaviour, sustainability challenges, and the role of nutrition and environment on the performance and health of animals.

Relevant research
Devi started her PhD at the Wageningen University in September 2014. She is enrolled in the NWO-WOTRO project “nutritious-pond systems”. In her current position at the research group of Aquaculture and Fisheries, she focusses on managing in situ production of highly unsaturated fatty acids in aquatic systems. By gaining more insights in the dynamic processes related to production and transfer of ω3 fatty acids by algae, the outcome of the project will provide innovative applications for farming shrimp and fish in ponds.

Before her enrolment as PhD-candidate, Devi obtained a Master degree in Biology, and a second Master degree in Animal Nutrition at the Wageningen University. During her studies she was involved in research on the effect of dietary fibre types on animal performance, welfare and behaviour in the sleddog-husbandry, the role of the dingo in the Australian ecosystem, forest conservation in Kenia, and chose a course-specialisation in aquaculture. Before her current position as PhD-candidate, Devi was involved in developing teaching-methods, and gained more knowledge on animal nutrition by working in the animal feed additive industry.

Contact info
Aquaculture and Fisheries Group
PO Box 338

6700 AH Wageningen, The Netherlands