Creating a biobased economy needs sustainable solutions for biomass conversion and separation. Knowledge on mechanisms of conversion and separation, and how to control these mechanisms is essential. We combine experimental with modelling work to elucidate complex interactions in biomass conversion and to drive them in the aimed direction.
Using Process Systems Engineering tools, the performance of complete production systems is predicted and optimized. Hereby we search for solutions which meet both production performance and sustainability (LCA).

Main topics

  • Mechanisms and models for preprocessing of biomass
  • Reactor and production chain design for catalytic conversion of polysaccharides
  • Component  (protein, carbohydrate etc.) recovery from waste streams using new techniques
  • Integrated sustainable biorefineries (algae, lignocellulosic biomass, milk-to-powder, duckweed cultivation)
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) combined with process design
  • Sustainable processing in the region (system analysis and control)
  • Control of individual  and integrated processing steps in biorefineries
  • Energy efficient processing (for example drying of biomass, vegetables)