Our mission statement

WYA Mission statement

In short

The Wageningen Young Academy (WYA) is an independent platform that brings together enthusiastic, ambitious and outstanding young scientists of Wageningen University across all its scientific disciplines.

WYA aims at strengthening the position of this young generation of researchers within the University as well as promoting scientific excellence within and among science groups of Wageningen University.

To meet these goals, WYA intends to:

1. Inspire current and future scientists.

2. Act as advisor in scientific and political debates at the University.

3. Create links with (inter)national inspiring eminent scientists.

4. Communicate science to society.

Scope of WYA

The WYA aims at uniting young, ambitious, and talented researchers of Wageningen University. WYA primarily will strengthen the position of this generation of researchers within the university, warrant the academic nature of the University and will reach out to society when there are opportunities to do so.

Organisation of WYA

Chair person(s)

WYA will be chaired by two persons that each will be in the position for 2 years. One new chair will be elected each year from within WYA. Chairs oversee the general functioning of WYA, and represent WYA both within and outside Wageningen University.

Advisor and event coördinator

In addition to the two chairpersons, each event or activity will be organized by a team that is led by at least one person.

Frequency of meetings

WYA meets once every month. In addition to these meetings, dedicated meetings of working groups may be organized.

Agenda of meetings

Plenary meetings start with 2 short presentations by WYA members. Time is reserved for members to bring up exciting new ideas, calls for collaboration, scientific questions or other content. Unless the WYA agenda demands otherwise, the main priority of meetings is to exchange ideas, and ample time will be allotted to facilitate this. It is anticipated that visits to members’ labs/institutes are organized. The remaining time is used to update all members of working group activities.


The language of all internal and external communication of WYA is English, unless specific situations demand otherwise. An English website will be accessible to all those interested, and will feature content related to the WYA members and activities.

Membership WYA

WYA currently consists of 18 members. Membership of WYA is 5 years. Members of WYA are young scientists (preferably younger than 45) with a primary affiliation at Wageningen University, a strong motivation to contribute to the academic quality of Wageningen University, and a clear independence in their scientific career.

Selection of new members

Yearly, 4-5 new members will be elected on the basis of their CV and motivation. The Call for new members will be broadly advertised and open to all young scientists from Assistant professor level at Wageningen University and Research that meet above criteria. Current WYA members evaluate the applications and select new members.


Besides internal meetings to exchange ideas between members, WYA will engage in the following activities:

a. Act as advisor in scientific and political debates at the University:

For those issues that are close to the heart of the WYA members, or their generation of researchers, WYA will actively participate in discussions in Wageningen University. At the request of others, WYA will act as discussion partner or advisor. Furthermore, WYA may take the initiative in bringing up matters for discussion.

b. Create links with (inter)national inspiring eminent scientists:

At least once annually, WYA will organize a public lecture of an eminent scientist for Wageningen University. WYA will also organize a masterclass for its members with said scientist to provide inspiration and mentoring.

c. Communicate science to society:

At the initiative of its members, WYA will organize public outreach activities.