SDC Internships

An academic internship is a chance to put your academic knowlegde into practice in an organization or company. There are a wide variety of possibilities to do an internship with SDC.

Internships raises a lot of questions. This page offers information on internships to take to secure an internship and supervision in time. Check out the Frequently Asked Question section for information. The column on the right contains all kinds of documents that you may need.

Frequently asked questions

What is an academic internship?

An academic internship is an internship that is at the level of your expertise. This means that an internship should have a content element in which you can apply the skills and knowledge learned during the master programme. Academic internship preferably have a research component. Academic internship should preferably be at the level of your future job.

An internship that does not have this academic element will not be approved.

How do I find an internship?

In principle, SDC does not offer internships themselves. If we do have an internship vacancy we post these on our Facebook page. The majority of students find internship bij themselves. As a start, you can check out the links in the column to your right to see what is available. Please note that most of these possibilities are in Dutch.

What are the first steps that I need to take?

Step 1 Plan your internship

Plan your internship in time. Think about where you want to go and keep an eye on internship vacancies. See for websites on internship possibilties the suggestions in the right column. An internship in the Netherlands takes about 3 months to find, and internship abroad longer and needs about 6 months to prepare.

Step 2 Intake

When you are sure you have found an internship, plan an intake meeting with the education coordinator to discuss requirements and supervision.

Step 3 Read the courseguide

The course guide contains the structure of the intership reports, the requirements and the contract & learning agreement necessary for the internship.

What are the requirements for SDC supervision?

You are eligble for SDC supervision if 1) SDC has a role in your master programme and 2) the topic of your internship has a clear link with the research interest of SDC. Check out our research section or staff profiles to see if there is a fit.

How long does an internship has to be?

An internship can vary in length, depending on a full time workweek or the assignment. You can calculate the length by looking at the amount of hours you will be spending on your internship. If this relates to the amount of ECTs hours for an internship you should be okay.

As a rule of thumb: Full time internships (40hrs work week) need to be at least 4 months to be approved.

When in doubt: contact your study advisor.

How do I find a supervisor for my internship?

You get a supervisor assigned via the intake meeting with the education coordinator. You can book an appointment with her online via Calendly. Click on the button on in the right column to plan a meeting.

Where can I find detailed information on internship contracts, learning agreements and assessment?

Check the list of Internship Documents (on the right). Read the internship course guide carefully! The course guide contains the contract, the learning agreement and the assessment forms.

Do I need a risk assessment for an internship abroad?

Probably yes!

The majority of SDC students go to areas that are indicated as an area of higher risk.

Students must check the security situation and the risk involved in doing a Master thesis research in a particular country. According to the WUR travel policy, travel to areas with a higher risk requires an approved risk assessment.

Students are not allowed to leave for the field without an approved risk assesment.

How does the internship report look like?

The internship report contains the internship deliverables, such as a research report, a policy document, a communication plan, an evaluation report, a design, or educational material, as agreed with your supervisor(s) in the learning agreement. This is a portfolio of all the projects you worked on.

Additionally, it includes a self relfection report that is based on personal learning goals set at the beginning of the internship in the learning agreement (see doc on the right).

As an annex you can add for example the PowerPoint presentation of your obligatory presentation given at the host organization.

What is the role of my WUR supervisor?

Your WUR supervisor guides you in setting up the learning agreement and checks if your internships fullfills the criteria of an academic internship. She or he can also help in writing the report. In case of questions or issues at the workplace, you can always contact your supervisor to ask for advice. Students are adviced to update the WUR supervisor at least once during a mid-term evaluation

What is the role of my host supervisor?

Your host supervisor (supervisor at the organization) will supervise your activities at the organization. He or she will provide the assessment score on your professional skills and will give your feedback during your internship.

It is important that the host supervisor is present during your internship and is able to assess you at an academic level. As such, the host supervisor must either have an academic background of seniority in terms of work experience.

At the end of your internship you will ask your host supervisor to fill in the supervision evaluation form. This is necessary as without the evaluation form we cannot assess your internship. See column on the right to download to supervision evaluation form.

Is there a handy checklist of all the things I should organize and plan for my internship?

Yes, there is! Please have a look at the checklist in the internship course guide.