SDC Master thesis

The MSc thesis is an important part of your master programme. Students from the programmes MDR, MID, MLE, MLP and MOA can do their thesis with SDC if they meet the course requirements.

The "road" to SDC

Different master programmes and specializations give access to SDC thesis supervision. Students should check with your study advisor if you meet the requirements for an SDC thesis. Additionally, students should also be aware that we strongly encourage a good knowledge of qualitative, ethnograpic methods. The methodological requirements are not always part of the master programmes but it would facilitatie the thesis research a lot.

If students meet all the requirements and have the methodological background, they can take the following steps towards an RSO thesis.

Step 1 Thesis topic

Students should think on their own about a thesis topic that fits the research profile and interests of SDC. Have a look at our overview of thesis topics per supervisor for inspiration and to ensure this fit.

More inspiration on thesis topics:

Step 2 Intake meeting

As soon as students have a more or less fixed idea of what they want to do for their master research, they need to plan a meeting with the education coordinator Jessica de Koning. She will direct you to a possible supervisor for your thesis. Intake meetings can be planned online via the button to the right.

2. Read MSC thesis protocol and SADE thesis guidelines

Both documents contain the rights and rules for doing a master thesis and can be downloaded from this site (column on the right). The thesis protocol contains information on the thesis contract, assessment and other requirements that a thesis should meet. The Thesis Guidelines contain usefull tips and checklist to manage your thesis project succesfully.

The Thesis Guidelines for SDC can be downloaded here.

The thesis protocol is available via your study advisor.

Once you have taken the 3 steps you are ready to start your proposal in collaboraton with your supervisor.

Risk assessment

A large part of MSc thesis research takes place abroad. Students must check the security situation and the risk involved in doing a Master thesis research in a particular country. According to the WUR travel policy, travel to areas with a higher risk requires an approved risk assessment.

Students are not allowed to leave for the field without an approved risk assessment

For more information on the travel policy of the WUR and on the risk indication (set by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, check out the links in the right column.

Student Seminar

Thesis students at RSO are required to present their thesis work twice in 1) a proposal presentation and 2) a final presentation. RSO and SDC organizes joint montly students seminars. In order to join a seminar and present their work, students must contact the SDC secretariat.