Carina Fourie and Annette Rid, eds. What is Enough? Sufficiency, Justice, and Health

Haverkamp, B.


The edited volume What is Enough? Sufficiency, Justice, and Health by Carina Fourie and Annette Rid will likely interest anyone concerned with justice and health(care). The 15 contributions address a variety of both theoretical and practical concerns that rise when sufficientarianism is applied to health and health care.

Sufficientarianism generally refers to the view that what matters morally is that everyone has enough of some good, in contrast to e.g. the idea that everyone should have equal amounts of that good. Mostly, as in this book, sufficiency is proposed as an answer to the question what just distribution patterns entail. But not necessarily so. For instance, Harry Frankfurt defended the ‘Doctrine of Sufficiency’ (Frankfurt, 1987...