Education of the Marine Animal Ecology Group

The MAE provides education and training at the BSc, MSc and PhD level.


    Life History of Aquatic Organisms (AFI-31306, P1)
    Marine Systems (AEW-22806, P1)
    Environmental Quality and Governance (ENP-35806, P2,5)
    Advanced Molecular Ecology (MAE-50806, P3)
    Marine Animal Ecology (MAE-30306, P5)
    Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology (GEN-20306, P5)
    Introduction in Animal Ecology (REG-21306, P6)
    Introduction to Marine and Estuarine Ecology (AEW-51806, P6)

    Research projects

    We are always looking for motivated students for BSc and MSc theses, internships and Short Research Projects. Contact Diede Maas for more information on available projects or check out our Research Lines to see what sparks your interest.

    Short Research Project (MAE-50306, P1-6)
    BSc Thesis (WUR-BSc, P1-6)
    MSc Thesis (MAE-80324, P1-6)
    MSc Internship (MAE-70324, P1-6)

    In these corona times, please bear in mind we will have limited options for field work and lab work. We are urgently looking for students for the following project:

    The Future of the North Sea

    De Rijke Noordzee is working on nature enhancement with reefs in the North Sea. They are planning to create reefs in windturbine parks, but several questions remain regarding the feasibility and potential. You are asked to join the effort and provide this information in the form of a literature study and stakeholder analysis. You will have to interview multiple stakeholders to discuss the future of the North Sea. Knowledge gaps that need to be integrated are: 1) How the Dutch North Sea bottom changed through human use, 2) How the offshore infrastructure (like wind turbines) can result in artificial reefs, and 3) What stakeholders think about whether artifical and/or natural reefs are desired in the North Sea, where they should be located and how reefs should look like? Your work will provide a valuable and essential basis for a vision report by de Rijke Noordzee.

    Check out De Rijke Noordzee here, and a video of their work here.

    For an overview of the type of work that is done @MAE:

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