Animal Production Systems - MSc Internship and Thesis

At the end of the BSc-programme the planning for the MSc-programme starts. It is important to start early on thinking about subjects for your theses, internship and academic consultancy training (ACT). For a thesis, having an appointment 3 months in advance is convenient. Appointments for internships should be made 6 months in advance, because teachers are busy and communication with places for internships does not always run smoothly. Sometimes alternatives are necessary. The mandatory internship is 24 ects. Please consult the University Study handbook for extension possibilities.

In the final stage of your studies it is mandatory to complete two theses. One thesis includes conducting research independently. Students have to demonstrate if all theory learned can be put into practice. To get some idea of possible thesis subjects at the Animal Production Systems group, have a look at our research projects on our website.

Please contact in time. Make an appointment with the APS-secretariat (via mail to APS Office). Each student has 30 minutes consulting time on Tuesday morning between 9.00h and 12.00h only. Make an overview of your studies in advance, including the courses that you did not pass yet. Think of possible thesis subjects and motivate your choice, so that the interview will run efficiently. You may use the attached document to select from.

More extensive information is available from the Animal Production Systems study guide (we are awaiting new regulations from September onwards, hence some of the information is not up to date):

The MSc internship (pdf-file)

The MSc thesis (pdf-file) 

Contracts and travel policy are available via Education links

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