The Forest Ecology and Forest Management group (FEM) is involved in education at Wageningen University & Research in courses coordinated by FEM and courses of other groups with FEM contribution.

>> Information on BSc and MSc courses coordinated by FEM

Courses of other chairgroups with FEM contribution
BIS-10306 Biodiversity of The Netherlands
COM-34806 Life Sciences for Communication Scientists
FNP-11806 Forest, Nature, Society
FNP-30306 Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation
FNP-23303 Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation
INF-31806 Models for Ecological Systems
NCP-10806 Forest and Nature Conservation I: Introductory Field Course
NCP-20503 Ecology II
NCP-80812 Bachelor Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation
PEN-22806 Habitat Analysis for Ecologists
REG-31306 Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation
REG-32306 Ecological Methods II
REG-31806 Ecological Methods I
SGL-33806 The 4th Dimension in Earth Sciences
YEI-10306 Introduction Environmental Sciences
YMC-60809 Academic Consultancy Training