MSc thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management

Welcome to the exciting world of Forest Ecology and Forest Management! We have a wide range of thesis projects ranging from fundamental to applied, where you can study from the plant- to the ecosystem level, in the temperate and tropical zone, by doing field studies, experiments, lab studies, or modelling.

The MSc-thesis offers the challenge to demonstrate your ability to set up and to carry out a scientific research project in a self-responsible and independent manner. This challenge includes to:

  • provide an adequate delineation and definition of your research topic,
  • build a sound theoretical framework for orientation of the research,
  • generate proper research questions and/or testable hypotheses,
  • develop methodology fit for hypothesis testing,
  • collect data in a systematic and verifiable manner,
  • analyse the data critically and correctly,
  • present the results in a comprehensible manner,
  • draw sound conclusions based on a comprehensive discussion of the results,
  • show the contribution of your results to the development of the research topic.

Corona time

Due to the Corona virus the FEM/PEN thesis market March 2020 market was held on line. You can download the presentation here

Find here our list of Corona proof topics that don't require field work or intensive labstudies and thus are also a very suitable alternative in case your original topic can't be carried out due to the Corona virus.

How to choose an interesting subject?

Before starting any thesis activities..

  • Check with the study advisor of your study programme wether you can start a thesis project.
  • Look at the Guidelines for preparing an MSc-thesis (PDF) or information on procedures and guidelines
  • Make an appointment with our thesis coordinator.

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