About Wageningen UR Library

About the Library

By developing and maintaining a, partly public, knowledge infrastructure, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) - Library contributes to the effectiveness of the research done and education provided by WUR.

WUR Library has a strong focus on digital collections and we offer world wide access to our collections for WUR users, but restricted to certain conditions of use. Besides our digital collections, a large print collection is available at the Forum and Leeuwenborch buildings. Print collections, approximately 30 kilometers of journals, books and other materials, are mainly located in stacks and quickly available on request. The Forum and Leeuwenborch libraries offer a small browse collection for direct access by visitors. A separate Special Collections reading room is available at Forum.
For a large part of our ongoing licences we participate in so called “Big Deals” in cooperation with a consortium of Dutch scientific libraries (UKB).

The Library is a centralised shared service centre and is part of WUR Facility Services. The Library systems are maintained and developed by the WUR IT services department.

Facts and figures

Current Library staff: 53,5 full time equivalent (2018).

WUR Library usage statistics
2018 2017 2016
Loans 11,840 13,876 18,791
Downloaded articles 3,9 million 3,5 million 3,4 million
Library website visits 1,1 million 1,2 million 900.000
Active users 29,367 23,262 22,359

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