MSc Thesis in general

As the last part of their studies, landscape architecture students work on their MSc thesis. It is proof of the ability to work independently on a subject and to produce a report that combines theoretical input with a design component. The thesis typically takes six months and most of the theses subjects are related to the research that is going on at the chair group of landscape architecture.

Tips for inspiration
Please orient yourself on the research topics of the teaching staff when you think about your thesis topic.
In general, the LAR staff works in these research fields:
MJH (Michiel) Bakx MSc Spatial quality of circular agriculture and flood risk design (co-supervisor)
ir. G (Gabrielle) Bartelse history/ cultural heritage and foodscapes
SH (Sjoerd) Brandsma MSc eco-revelatory design, urban climate M (Marlies) Brinkhuijsen 20th century landscape architecture, place-making and heritage, focus on tourism and recreation, managing public space
JP (João) Antunes Granadeiro Cortesão PhD climate-responsive urban design, water-related urban design R (Rudi) van Etteger MA phenomenology, water-related design
M (Merel) Enserink MSc sustainable energy landscapes, participative landscape design (co-supervisor)
AH (Adriaan) Geuze regional design, historical landscapes
dr. H (Homero) Marconi Penteado Landscape ecology, Landscape analysis, Urban green areas, Landscape architecture, Urban wildlife B (Bardia) Mashhoodi Parametric design, GIS-based, or empirical thesis on urban heat island, energy, or electric mobility A (Agnès) Patuano landscape and health and wellbeing, landscape preference, participation, children and vulnerable communities, landscape visualisations
I (Igor) Sirnik PhD MSc Geography, Mapping, Geomatics, Geographical information systems, Climate change, Climate adaptation, Agronomy (co-supervisor) S (Sven) Stremke energy landscapes, climate mitigation (website
dr. Y (Yuting) Tai water related design, delta urbanism, climate change adaptation
LAGM (Laszlo) van der Wal MSc water infrastructure and landscape design (co-supervisor)
Please also take a look at the previous theses produced by LAR MSc students: Education LAR page and the Yearbooks (available for download).
In case you start working on your thesis, read the MSc thesis course guide carefully and follow the instructions given in the guide.