Vertically Stacked Perovskite Detectors for Color Sensing and Color Vision

Qarony, Wayesh; Kozawa, Masayuki; Khan, Haris Ahmad; Hossain, Mohammad Ismail; Salleo, Alberto; Tsang, Yuen Hong; Hardeberg, Jon Yngve; Fujiwara, Hiroyuki; Knipp, Dietmar


Optical color sensors based on perovskites are described. These sensors overcome the limits of conventional image sensors used in smartphones and digital cameras. The sensors allow for detecting the primary colors red, green, and blue without using optical filters. The color sensors consist of vertically stacked diodes using perovskite alloys. The described sensor structure is color aliasing or color moiré error free, while conventional sensors using optical filters are limited by this error. The spectral sensitivity of vertically stacked sensors is up to three times higher than the spectral sensitivity of filter-based color sensors. The optical constants of the required perovskite alloys are determined, and color sensors are electromagnetically modeled. The spectral sensitivities of the sensors are colorimetrically characterized and compared to sensors in the literature including conventional sensors using optical filters. This study, for the first time, shows that a vertically stacked three color sensor exhibits a color error equal to, or smaller than, errors of conventional sensors using optical filters. Details on the used materials, the device design, and the colorimetric analysis are provided.