Review of wind tunnel modelling of flow and pollutant dispersion within and from naturally ventilated livestock buildings

Nosek, Štěpán; Jaňour, Zbyněk; Janke, David; Yi, Qianying; Aarnink, André; Calvet, Salvador; Hassouna, Mélynda; Jakubcová, Michala; Demeyer, Peter; Zhang, Guoqiang


Ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated livestock buildings (NVLBs) pose a serious environmental problem. However, the mechanisms that control these emissions are still not fully understood. One promising method for understanding these mechanisms is physical modelling in wind tunnels. This paper reviews studies that have used this method to investigate flow or pollutant dispersion within or from NVLBs. The review indicates the importance of wind tunnels for understanding the flow and pollutant dispersion processes within and from NVLBs. However, most studies have investigated the flow, while only few studies have focused on pollutant dispersion. Fur-thermore, only few studies have simulated all the essential parameters of the approaching boundary layer. Therefore, this paper discusses these shortcomings and provides tips and recommendations for further research in this respect.