Wageningen Dialogues

Today's society faces major global issues in the areas of health, biodiversity, energy, food and sustainability. Our organisation is at the cutting edge when it comes to addressing these topics. However, solely ‘new knowledge’ is not changing the world for the better. To fulfil our role as a knowledge institution, we aim to be enriched by different viewpoints and to enrich different actors in society – through dialogue.

Let’s engage in dialogue with each other: scientists, stakeholders and society. So that we can create a better understanding for problems and backgrounds or to determine the right research questions. To soften a societal debate or to bring together stakeholders for collaborative action. All to arrive at new insights together and explore potential answers to these complex issues society is facing.

  • Good Food Dialogues

    What’s the role of the food we eat on interconnected crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss, malnourishment and obesity? In this dialogue series we try to expose our production and consumption patterns, and discuss agency with various actors in the food chain. What are the responsibilities of different actors in the food chain, when it comes to healthy and sustainable food?
  • Space Design Dialogues

    The Netherlands has about 42.000 km2 of available area. But there is a pressing demand on that space: housing shortage, the energy transition, adapting to climate change, transforming to more sustainable forms of agriculture. How does our most desired country of the future look like? How to deal with all the different claims on our land and water? And how to make responsible decisions for the future?
  • Science in Society Dialogues

    How do our scientists deal with their own personal values and opinions? In this dialogue series, we look at the various roles that individual scientists can, should and want to fulfil. And how our stakeholders, partners and the public actually views the role of scientists for society. Let’s collaborative explore the roles of scientists in the public arena.

Why Dialogues?

In Wageningen, we work on major complex societal topics. As a knowledge organisation we offer space to various perspectives. But we believe it is necessary to connect with others to contribute to the complex issues we are facing. WUR stimulates dialogue, as it has proved to be an effective approach for building confidence and fostering understanding between people with different opinions, interests, perspectives and values.

How to Use Dialogue?

Are you open to engage with stakeholders or society in open and innovative ways? Wageningen Dialogues supports the organisation of dialogue events and processes and offers a hands-on platform to develop and improve dialogue skills. Our Dialogue Community forms such an inspiring learning platform. The Dialogue Facilitators Pool offers facilitation and moderation support. And resources like the Dialogue Navigator offer hands-on guidance on using dialogue in research and education.