The need for a multidisciplinary approach to face challenges related to food, health, and sustainability : The contribution of CRC I-WE

Martini, Daniela; Ragone, Giada; Cazzini, Francesco; Cheli, Federica; Formici, Giulia; Porta, Caterina A.M. La; Pinotti, Luciano; Pomodoro, Livia; Restani, Patrizia; Scaffardi, Lucia; Tedeschi, Gabriella; Riso, Patrizia; Violini, Lorenza


The importance of the impact of the food system not only on human health but also on planet health is gaining growing attention, and there is now an urgent call to action for developing multi-stakeholder strategies able to end poverty and maintain prosperity and health for people and for the planet. To provide a better understanding of the complex relationships between food, well-being and environment, it is pivotal to generate multidisciplinary knowledge on the promotion of human well-being in relation to multiple interconnected factors such as diet and nutrition, environment, economic, social, and legal aspects. Based on these premises, the present paper aims at describing the proposed role of the Joint Research Center “Innovation for Well-Being and Environment” (CRC I-WE) that was brought to light in 2019 with a strong interdisciplinary nature at the University of Milan, Italy. In 2021, the Center hosted its first annual conference aimed at identifying case studies from the food, health, and sustainability fields particularly deserving an interdisciplinary approach, and which may provide the basis for opening a wider discussion with the scientific community.