Dairy Farm Management Information Systems

Kassahun, Ayalew; Bloo, Robbin; Catal, Cagatay; Mishra, Alok


Nowadays, different types of farm management information systems (FMIS) are being used in practice in several sectors of farming, such as dairy, arable, fruits, vegetables, and meat farming. The goal of this research is to identify, evaluate, and synthesize existing FMISs in the Dutch dairy sector and present the state–of–the–art. We performed a multivocal literature review (MLR) to find sources both in scientific and grey literature. A grey literature search was adopted because most of the FMISs were not reported in the scientific literature. To support and improve the effectiveness of the MLR process, an online survey was first sent to Dutch dairy farmers to identify the FMISs that are being used in practice. With the help of the MLR process, we identified 50 FMISs used by Dutch dairy farmers. We identified 33 features of these FMISs and listed the advantages and disadvantages of the FMISs.