Biorefinery consists of technologies enabling sustainable biomass conversion to its ingredients and marketable products such as food and feed, materials, chemicals and fuels and energy. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is a leading Research Institute in the development of technologies and know-how in the field of biorefinery.

Biorefinery and biomass will play an increasingly crucial role as we move towards a biobased economy over the coming decades. Biomass is important for supplying the growing world population with food, energy, chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals and other products. Instable supply of fossil and mineral resources as well as growing wealth lead to changes in consumption patterns resulting in an increased demand for raw materials. In the emerging biobased economy, next to securing our raw material supply, efficient use of biomass as raw material and optimal value creation are important issues. Development of new sustainable biobased value chains is therefore a highly interesting approach. Biorefinery involves the enabling technologies to make this possible, as it allows for optimal utilisation as well as value creation of biomass.

Moving towards biorefinery is going to be the real big revolution in our future
Louise O. Fresco

From production to use

In close cooperation with the industry, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research develops new technologies and know-how in the field of sustainable biomass production, pretreatment, conversion and a wide range of biobased products. Available expertise (such as pretreatment, separation/conversion techniques and biomass availability) in the field of biorefining together with available experience with different biomass sources as well as biobased products and markets, is used to develop tailor-made approaches. In this way, we facilitate deriving the maximum benefit from biomass.

Interactive infographic: The Biobased Economy Value Chain

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