Here you can find a collection of software tools and web portals developed in the Bioinformatics Group.

Software tools

  • Caretta: A multiple protein structure alignment and feature extraction suite [demo-server]
  • AraQTL: Arabidopsis workbench and database for QTL analysis [paper]
  • WormQTL2: Interactive platform for systems genetics in Caenorhabditis elegans [paper]
  • OptiTools:  A toolset for optical map detection (OptiScan), alignment (OptiMap), and assembly (OptiAsm)
  • Ouroboros: prediction of protein-protein interactions to improve intermolecuar contact prediction [paper]
  • PanTools: representation, storage, and exploration of pan-genomic data [paper]
  • ACE: error correction in NGS reads using K-mer tries [paper]
  • antiSMASH: identification of biosynthetic gene clusters [paper]
  • Primer3Plus: primer design software [paper]
  • QualitySNPng: SNP detection & visualization [paper]
  • HSPVdb: Human Short Peptide Variation Database [paper]
  • ProRepeat: Amino acid tandem repeats in proteins [paper]
  • CyLineUp: Human Short Peptide Variation Database [paper]
  • Haplosim: Haplotyping simulation pipeline
  • plantiSMASH: identification of plant biosynthetic gene clusters [paper]
  • TriPoly: Haplotype estimation tool for polyploids [paper]
  • PopPoly: Family-based estimation of polyploid haplotypes
  • PKSpop: Prediction of PKS protein-protein interactions

Databases and Web portals