Practical Information

Organization of the sessions

We have a total of seven conference meeting rooms and the convenors/chairs have the freedom to adapt the organization of their session as they wish, so in case of any doubt please contact your convenor (see the programme for their email addresses). However, as general guidelines we inform and recommend the following:

Each room is equipped with a projector and we will provide laptops. So you do not need to bring your own laptop. Convenors can collect all presentations on this laptop prior to the session. Please use PowerPoint. This will minimize delays once the session begins. Even if you have emailed your PowerPoint to your convenor beforehand, we recommend that you bring your presentation on a USB drive as a backup.

All speakers are asked to keep their presentation between 12 to 15 minutes. This of course also depends on the number of presentations in a panel, but the aim for all the sessions is to also leave space for a general debate.

You do not need to send us your papers beforehand, but please discuss with your panel convenor whether or not (s)he wants them to prepare the discussion.

IMPORTANT: Sessions in the Koetshuis and the Schip van Blaauw Because we have many more people at the conference than originally anticipated, we have booked two extra meetings rooms outside Hotel De Wageningsche Berg: the Koetshuis and the Schip van Blaauw.

For more information about these places and how to get there (including a map) please see Conference Venue.

Conference diner, the evening before and places to eat in Wageningen

Evening before: 6 July
We are sorry to announce that the conference dinner on 7 July is fully booked (180 people) and we apologize if this causes any inconvenience. Wageningen is not a very big town and since we currently have 350+ registrations (!), there is simply no venue in town big enough to accommodate everybody. This was also one of the reasons for us to organize an ‘evening before’ at 6 July; Anybody who is already in town that night, please feel welcome to meet informally at the Heerenstraat Movie Theatre, Molenstraat 1B in Wageningen, from 18.00 hours onwards.

Conference dinner
The conference dinner will take place in an organic restaurant called Colors World Food. If you did not manage to obtain a ticket, but would like to be close to the PE-3C buzz on 7 July, there are plenty of restaurants at the central market square near Colors. We are certain that you will then later run into other participants in one of the many pubs and/or restaurants on the market square.

Places to eat in Wageningen
Wageningen, at least partly due to our University, has a strong connection with food. Without going into the political ecology of food here, please allow us to recommend you some places where you can eat when you are in Wageningen.

Booking in advance is recommended. So please drop your preferred restaurant an email in advance. Here we give you a selection of places to eat (unfortunately some websites are in Dutch only). Close to Colors you could go to:

Drinks and Bites, organic restaurant Robuust, Thai restaurant My Asia, De Kater, Buurman en Buurman, organic restaurant Taste and restobar Diels.

Other places in Wageningen are, for example, organic restaurant H'eerlijk, H41, Italian restaurant La Solla, Spanish restaurant Toledo, Chinese Mongol restaurant King's Garden, sushi restaurant Watami, restaurant O Mundo in Hotel De Wereld and of course you can also enjoy a meal at the conference venue De Wageningsche Berg in their restaurant Bel Monte.

Public transport

Schiphol Airport to Ede-Wageningen Train Station
From Schiphol airport, take the train from platform 1 or 2 in the direction ‘NIJMEGEN’ and get off at station ‘EDE-WAGENINGEN’. During the day, direct trains leave at every hour (:00) and half past the hour (:30). At :16 and :46 there is an indirect connection, which requires that you transfer at Utrecht Central station, platform 19. The ride takes a bit more than one hour. You can check your exact times at the website of Dutch Railways (you can also download their app), through which you can also buy your train ticket in advance. Your other option is to buy the train ticket at Schiphol Airport train station, either at one of the counters of the Dutch railways or one of the yellow ticket machines. You can use Maestro, Visa, MasterCard or cash (€). Remember to check in with the ticket before entering the train and to check out at train station Ede-Wageningen, or for some of you in Arnhem. You can do so at the (often yellow) checkpoints.

From Ede-Wageningen Train Station to Wageningen Bus Station
Be aware: Train station Ede-Wageningen is NOT in Wageningen but in a nearby town called ‘EDE’. To get to Wageningen Bus Station you can take the buses 84, 86 and 88 from train station Ede-Wageningen.

Travelling by bus
For travelling by bus in the Netherlands it is best to have cash with you. You can buy your ticket from the bus driver.

Check the website of your accommodation (and drop them an email in advance if unclear) to find out the best way to get there from train station Ede-Wageningen or Arnhem. You can also use the 9292 website (you can also download their app). In case you stay at De Wageningsche Berg, the conference venue, you can use the following information:

From Wageningen Bus Station to Hotel De Wageningsche Berg
From Wageningen Bus Station you can take buses 51, 53, 352 to Arnhem CS. Be aware: Arnhem is the final destination, you have to get out already after 3 to 4 minutes at bus stop De Wageningse Berg (the third stop after leaving Wageningen Bust Station). From here it’s only a 5-minute walk to the conference venue; Fletcher Hotel De Wageningsche Berg (address: Generaal Foulkesweg 96). Turn to your right at the roundabout and follow signs on your left to the hotel.

Use a bicycle!
A bicycle is a cheap, easy, clean and healthy way to get around during the three days of the conference, e.g. to move between your accommodation, town and the conference venue! For further information see ‘Things to do in Wageningen’.

Emergency telephone numbers

For life-threatening situations dial 112.
Questions about practical things at Hotel De Wageningsche Berg, e.g. finding your way: (+31-317-)495 911.
For urgent questions about the conference organization call Sven da Silva: (+31-6-)81628817. If Sven does not pick up you can call Stasja Koot: (+31-6)24918821.