Things to do in Wageningen

Some nice thing to do in and around Wageningen

For the evenings of 8 and 9 July, we will screen a movie at De Wageningsche Berg. At 8 July this is Virunga; you can watch the trailer here. At 9 July we screen Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything; you can watch the trailer here.

For a general overview we encourage you to have a look at the tourist brochure A Taste of Wageningen. Some suggestions that are relatively easy to do and highly recommendable are, for example:

  • The Depot. This is a nice sculpture gallery with many sculptures situated in a beautiful arboretum garden (a different arboretum garden than the one adjacent to De Wageningsche Berg).
  • An architectural tour of the Schip van Blaauw (one of our lecturing rooms external of De Wageningsche Berg), which was designed and built in line with the Amsterdam school in the years 1919-1922.
  • An excursion to the nature area De Blauwe Kamer, where numerous birds can be found, with long and short walks. It can be reached by bicycle within twenty minutes from Wageningen.

    There are plenty of outdoor activities around Wageningen, like a nice walk through the forest and along the lower Rhine, a visit to the national park De Hoge Veluwe or rent sport bikes to explore the surroundings. For more information about biking in Wageningen, renting bikes and so on see for example Cycling in Wageningen, Wageningen University Cycling or for renting a bike Versatel. Likely, the easiest way to rent a bike is at your accommodation, so check with them first if they offer this service. De Wageningsche Berg, the conference venue, also rents out bicycles.

    A bicycle is also a cheap, easy, clean and healthy way to get around during the three days of the conference, e.g. to move between your accommodation, town and the conference venue!

    If you think Wageningen is too small, boring, and its natural surroundings do not appeal to you, then we suggest going to Utrecht (30-45 min by bus/train), Arnhem and/or Nijmegen (20-30 min by bus) or Amsterdam (60-75 min by bus/train) to visit one or more of the many interesting museums, galleries or exhibitions.