TKI Water en Deltatechnologie

TKI Delta Technology

Water is an important theme for Wageningen University & Research. As such, we always put water into context.

Important topics in our Sustainable Water Management programme are:

  • Water and food
  • Water in an urbanising environment
  • Sustainable use of the marine environment
  • Water quality (as a cross-cutting theme)

The water projects part of the TKI Delta Technology are shown on this web page. Within a TKI knowledge institutes, business and government collaborate on co-financed, multi-annual fundamental and/ or industrial research and experimental projects (for more information, see

Innovation agenda

Within the TKI Water and Deltatechnology, Wageningen University & Research focuses on the ambitions agreed in the Innovation Agenda Delta Technology 2016-2019 and especially on the following Knowledge and Innovation Clusters:

  • Water management and flooding,
  • Sustainable Delta cities: How do we ensure safe and healthy life in the cities in deltas around the world?
  • Water and food: What is the role of water for food and nature? Which opportunities do salt and saline water offer? What is the impact of drought?
  • Eco-engineering and nature-based solutions: How do we utilise the possibilitie that nature offers us to create a safe and healthy living environment with sufficient biodiversity?
  • Water quality projects as part of the KIC Sustainable functioning of water systems. For example the development of measuring methods, but also the distribution and effects of pesticides in and around the water environment.

Research in cooperation with partners such as Heineken focuses on for instance the role of clean water within a sustainable green area economy, such as in and around the Heineken brewery complex in Zoeterwoude. Examples of this are the installation of wind turbines around the brewery, the sustainability of logistics or an ecological water purification system.

With water boards and GMB we research the possiblities to use waste-water purification sludge for food production.

In the field of eco-engineering and nature-based solutions, Wageningen University & Research in cooperation with among others the Stilte Foundation on climate sensitivity and different origins of (production) tree species, and aims to make climate-proof planting advice possible.