PhenomicsNL platform

The global population is growing and fossil fuels are becoming scarce. This is why it is important to grow crops that can be cultivated efficiently and have high yields, whether these are grains, vegetables, fruits or raw materials for bioplastics. But this is easier said than done. The agricultural sector is experiencing the results of climate change all across the globe; from floods in Bangladesh and droughts in the Horn of Africa, to the arrival of new plant diseases in Europe.

Research groups at Wageningen University & Research are currently studying the behaviour of plants at different levels: from model and individual plants to the growth of crops in greenhouses and on the field.

Speeding up developments

Combining all knowledge, expertise and facilities in the field of phenomics into one single PhenomicsNL platform speeds up developments which enable chain partners to strengthen their position on the international market. Through this platform, Dutch companies will be informed about join large-scale initiatives, like the European ESFRI programme EMPHASIS. This programme develops and/or improves new and existing facilities and makes them widely accessible so that a clear image of the response of crops to climate change can be created through collaboration. EMPHASIS is part of Roadmap 2016 created by the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).