Other ways to find housing

There are also other ways to find housing. There are websites where rooms are offered. Also commercial companies offer housing possibilities. They offer more expensive accommodation, but usually also more luxurious.

Facebook groups:

(All independent from Wageningen University and Research)

Wageningen Student Plaza:
The Facebook group for Wageningen Students. Besides second hands stuff also rooms are offered here. Or you can ask if someone in this group knows about an available room.

Wageningen Room Sublets
Mostly temporary rooms.

Wageningen Student Housing

Also, some Facebook groups exist that are established by- and meant for people from certain nationalities. You may find a room or help in general more easily here.


Housingdesk Wageningen:
A non-commercial housing agency for students and PhD Candidates.

A national website also offering rooms in Wageningen (use search).


An even more extensive list can be found on the website of Idealis