Outreach courses provided by the Horticulture and Product Physiology group

The HPP-group (co-)organizes courses which are meant for professionals in lighting, greenhouse production and post harvest, as well as MSc and PhD students, post-docs and junior scientists from all over the world.
We also provide tailor-made courses for private companies and universities upon demand. Participants of our courses typically have knowledge level at bachelor or master degree.
Our tailor made courses focus on physiology and development of crops in horticulture, cultivation in greenhouses, post harvest physiology and technology, photosynthesis, light, plant sensors, simulation models for growth of greenhouse grown crops, etc.

Courses coming up:
Summer School Greenhouse Horticulture - 23 Aug-3 Sept 2021
Postharvest technology course Wageningen - autumn 2021

Workshop given recently:
VertiFarm2019 - International workshop on vertical farming - Oct2019

Courses given recently:
Lighting in greenhouses and vertical farms - 12-14 February 2020
Postharvest technology course Wageningen - 8-11 October 2019
Summer School Greenhouse Horticulture - 25 Aug-6 Sept 2019

The experimental part of the course 'Geïntegreerd practicum natuurwetenschappen', which is organised by the Open Universiteit (Dutch only!).
Follow this link to the Open Universiteit for description and registration.

Webinar Indoor Farming - the future of food
(organised by AESOP Sustainable Food Planning and LE:NOTRE Institute on 1 November 2017)
Exploring and exploiting the physiology for a full control of plants in vertical farms

Webinar-series on advanced fertilization
(presented in 2015 under the auspices of the Haifa group)
1. Optimizing quality
2. Optimizing growth
3. Optimizing Color & Appearance
4. Optimizing Nutrition & Climate