Programme Food Technology

The online master's specialisation is designed for part time study (approx. 20 hrs/week) to combine work and study. A course-programme of 2 years will be followed by a tailor-made internship and master's thesis. During the courses, you will closely collaborate with lecturers, tutors and fellow distance learning students on a virtual learning platform. The course programme includes two short stays of two weeks in Wageningen for essential practicals that relate to the theory. You can organise your internship and master's thesis in your professional context, either part-time or full-time.

Year 1

  • Advanced Food Microbiology - Minimal processing, preservation and fermentation
  • Sustainable Food and Bioprocessing - Flow and pinch analysis
  • Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery - Carbohydrates and kinetics
  • Advanced Food Microbiology - Tools for safety management
  • Sustainable Food and Bioprocessing - Exergy analysis
  • Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods - Product composition
  • Food Toxicology - Toxicity and risk assessment of avoidable chemicals in food
  • Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery - Proteases, lipases and bioreactors
  • Laboratory Class I - Enzymology and analysis
  • Predicting Food Quality - Theoretical principles of modelling
  • Product and Process Design - Critical thinking and communication in an interdisciplinary setting
  • Product and Process Design - Idea generation and selection of a product concept
  • Predicting Food Quality - Solving food science problems by modelling

Year 2

  • Advanced Molecular Gastronomy - From ingredients to food texture
  • Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods - Product authenticity and toxicology
  • Food Toxicology - Toxicity and risk assessment of unavoidable chemicals in food
  • Product and Process Design - Elaboration of a product concept from a food chain perspective
  • Advanced Molecular Gastronomy - Physical and chemical aspects of flavour pairing
  • Food Ingredient Functionality
  • Laboratory Class II - Food Ingredient Functionality
  • Food Structuring - Structuring by temperature, designing edible barriers
  • Advanced Food Physics - Rheology and fracture of soft solids
  • Product and Process Design - Evaluation of scientific reports including an ethical assessment
  • Food Structuring - Structuring by deformation, properties of interfacial systems

Year 3 or Year 3 and 4

  • MSc Thesis Food Technology
  • MSc Internship Food Technology

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