AlgaePARC is a pilot facility for research on production and biorefinery of microalgae. The following systems/equipment are used at AlgePARC.


In greenhouse

Laboratory equipment

  • Labscale photobioreactors: 20 Algaemist flat panel systems (400 mL), 7 Flat panel systems (1.8 L), 4 Algaegerm flat panel systems (20 L)
  • Analytical equipment (e.g. FPLC, UHPLC’s, GC’s, flow cytometer, FACS, fluorescence microscope and nutrient analyser)
  • DasGip CellFerm Pro system (8 bioreactors)
  • Batch, fed batch and perfusion (Biosep)
  • Off gas mass spec
  • MFA/metabolic modelling
  • YSI analyzer for glucose & lactate
  • BD Accuri flow cytometer & Sony cell sorter (FACS)
  • Agilent UPLC for titer, glycosylation, nutrient profiling and organic acids. Shimadzu UPLC for pigments, proteins (SEC applications)
  • TOC/TN analyser

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