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Library for Learning (L4L)

The Library for Learning (L4L) is a portal to search and find educational resources created by Wageningen teachers. The portal includes hundreds of teaching materials from WUR, such as videos, e-modules, audioclips, and infographics. The L4L portal aims to be a source of inspiration and reusable material.

Access and reuse

The L4L is publicly available. Everybody can search and find our educational materials, and reuse them as indicated by the Creative Commons license. Some material can be accessed and reused only by WUR staff. If you want to reuse these materials, please first contact the author of the material to avoid overlap between courses.

Library for Learning (L4L) demo during the Teachers Day 2020!

On the 8th of December, during the network session / Online market (12.30-13.30), we gave a demo of the Library for Learning and the new upload feature.

Find the slides back on the intranet page of the Teachers Day 2020.

The making of...

The L4L has been created to share digital educational materials. It is a coproduction of IT, the Library, and ER&I.


You are invited to add your digital educational material! Please contact us and we will help you with uploading.


Every effort has been made to find copyright holders of the material in the L4L. If any copyrights have been omitted, please contact us with the missing information.