Talk & Toast - Employer information

A Talk & Toast is a great opportunity to present your organization to our students in an informal way. A Talk of the companies, and a Toast with the companies.


During the Talk & Toast, we invite a maximum of two organizations for a talk of 15-20 minutes. During the event, you are able to present your organization. Students might specifically be interested in topics such as future developments in your organization, job opportunities, career and personal development and what skills and competencies are required. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to have drinks with the students. 

During this event, you will get the opportunity to get exclusive promotion for your organization. You can count on an average of 30-60 participating students. If you are interested in meeting students with a specific scientific background, we can take this into account.

Student Talk & Toast


Student Career Services facilitates in organizing the Talk & Toast. We offer you a dinner prior to the event and serve drinks and finger food during the event.

The dates of the Talk & Toast events are planned in consultation with the organizations. They take place from 17:30 to 19:30 in the Impulse building on the Wageningen Campus. 

Venue Talk & Toast


If you are interested to present your organization during one of our Talk & Toast events or have any other suggestions, please contact us.