Collaboration TO2 Federation

The organisations for applied research (Deltares, ECN, MARIN, NLR, TNO, Wageningen Research (WR) foundation), united in the TO2 Federation, provide a link between knowledge and innovation in the service of the government, the trade and industry sector and society. They generate solutions for issues, thus providing the Dutch industrial sector with a competitive edge and contributing to a safe, sustainable living environment for citizens.

Collaboration of Applied research organisations

The TO2 Federation’s mission is to deliver a decisive contribution to solving societal challenges, to fortify the innovative power of the Dutch industry and trade sector and to offer substantive support to the government in policy issues.


The TO2 institutions have three main tasks:

  • Developing, applying and divulging knowledge for the purpose of solving societal questions and issues, and supporting government tasks and governance challenges. Part of this research is embedded in legally mandated tasks
  • Developing, applying and divulging knowledge aimed at strengthening the Dutch competitive position and power of innovation, particularly that of the top sectors
  • Managing strategic research facilities, some of which are unique to the Netherlands, and some international facilities


In the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2017, an evaluation of the TO2 institutes was carried out. On 8 March 2018, the final evaluation report was handed over to the Dutch Parliament. This report by the Schaaf commission (named after Océ CEO Anton Schaaf who headed the evaluation), provides a clear record of the research carried out by the institutes, as well as a series of recommendations.

Main conclusions:

  • The research performed by the TO2 institutes is qualified as good to very good
  • The institutes have a good to very good impact
  • Public funding provided for the TO2 institutes is used effectively and efficiently
  • Preserving the vitality of the TO2 institutes requires some attention, primarily as a result of reduced government funding

Examples of research conducted by the TO2 institutes can be found on the various homepages of the participating organisations, as well as on the website of the TO2 Federation. 

    Institutes for applied research in the Netherlands (TO2 institutes)