Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Applied to Foods

For an impression of the ongoing projects in the groups of Dr. Henk Van As and Prof. Dr. John van Duynhoven, please see their Research Poster.

Product Structure

Within the domain of food structure one seeks to unravel the structural organisation and dynamics of components in food stuffs. This represents a challenge due to the large range of distance and time scales that are involved. Magnetic resonance techniques (NMR and MRI) distinguish themselves by covering virtually all length scales and its ability to assess dynamic events in a non-invasive manner.

Current projects:

Product Composition

Understanding the relationships between food composition and sensorial appreciation by consumers is key for rational design of improved food manufacturing processes. NMR allows a rapid and unbiased view on food compositions. Research focuses in particular on molecular identification of
actives responsible for sensorial and nutritional quality, in particular in relation to the detrimental effects of lipid oxidation.

Current projcts:

Product-Comsumer Impact

Metabolomics has taken a firm position within nutritional research since it can provide direct feedback on phenotype and metabolic effects of nutritional interventions. Research focussses on two areas where NMR-based metabolomics can make critical contributions.

Current projects: