Quick starter

Improving Open Access (OA) for scientific publications is a key priority of the Dutch government. The Netherlands has opted for 100% OA for publicly funded research results in 2024 at a minimum of extra subscription costs. Wageningen University & Research must comply with the governmental and EU policies on OA, and has adopted a WUR Open Access policy.

The Library helps you to

  • comply to funders policies
  • choose a suitable OA option
  • use financial arrangements for OA publishing

Forms of Open Access

Gold OA

  • Journals do not have a subscription model
  • Most of the journals are funded by Article Processing Charges (APC). These are generally paid by the corresponding author’s institute
  • Some journals are funded by societies or other funders and don’t charge APCs
  • Library arrangements for pricing discounts can apply.

Hybrid OA

  • Subscription based journals that allow for articles to be published in OA
  • Funding by APCs paid by corresponding author’s institutes or project funders
  • Funding by "pre-paid" agreements with the Library as part of journal collection budgets.

Green OA

  • Publish the author version of your accepted article manuscript via Pure or a trusted repository
  • Subject to publisher policies
  • Embargo period can apply.

Predatory OA

Checklist for authors

During project proposal

  • Check if project funder has an OA policy or mandate
  • Check if project funder offers APC budget
  • Check if project funder has other arrangements with publishers

Before submission / choosing a journal

  • Check current financial arrangements
  • If in doubt about a journal, consult the Library staff
  • Make sure the corresponding author has a WUR affiliation at the expected moment of acceptance

At submission

  • Use your WUR email address in submission forms
  • Use the correct WUR brand name
  • Be sure to choose the OA option during the submission process. This can be different for every publisher and depends on recognition of the WUR IP-address by the publisher systems.

At publication

  • For articles that are not OA upon publication, follow the Green road (see above 'Green OA').