Labour market information

Labour market information

Here you find some information about the Labour Market, worldwide, focusing on the Wageningen University & Research evaluations, about the whereabouts of our recent graduates and alumni or more regional. We try to provide up-to-date information.


You can borrow Career Guides per country at the WUR Library. Each guide tells you how to look for a job in a particular country and what cultural management differences you come across in that country. Additionally, the career guides include information on how to compile CVs and application letters in different countries. Next to this, the career guides feature interviews with people who are working in that particular country, to provide you a different insight to jobs overseas and moving and working abroad. You can find the Career Guides in the WUR library at the section of the Study Collection.

KLV Wageningen Alumni Network

Labour Market Analyses from data from graduates of Wageningen University & Research. See some latest reports here.

Careermonitor (every 5 year): job prospects Wageningen alumni still very good. 

Statistics about Wageningen graduates in the labour market, arranged by their study subject.

MSc Programme evaluation: this report focuses on the responses to labour market questions.

For more information, go to KLV or contact Silvia Blok - researcher employment market at WUR Quallity & Strategic Information by email or phone.

Province Gelderland

For more information about the labour market in the Province Gelderland see the Statistisch Zakboek Gelderland (in Dutch language)