Marine monitoring

Wageningen Marine Research has been collecting data since the 1970s on the Wadden Sea, Delta, North Sea, fresh waterways (IJsselmeer and Markermeer, major rivers), Antarctica and recently also the Caribbean. The data are often collected within monitoring projects. This means that the methodology for the relevant species (group) will remain the same over time, so that data from different years can be compared. These long-term series on, among other things, fish species, shrimps, benthic animals, salt marshes, mussel beds, birds, marine mammals and coral reefs are unique property for Wageningen Marine Research.

The monitoring data are used, for example, for estimating fish and shellfish stocks, determining the development of the seal population, and also for gaining insight into biodiversity and the dynamics of species and ecosystems.

Statutory Tasks

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands, Wageningen Marine Research carries out several Statutory Research Tasks. The Statutory Task related to fish stock monitoring is part of the Centre for Fisheries Research (CVO), based in our IJmuiden office.

Marine monitoring research

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