Storm-van der Chijs Fund – applicant information

The objective of the Storm-van der Chijs Fund is to encourage and support Wageningen University female PhD students to pursue their study and career in science.

Stipends Target Group

The fund allows the awarded female scientists to distinguish themselves internationally through participating in international conferences and/or visiting foreign institutes.

Wageningen University female PhD students may be nominated by their Wageningen supervising professor to receive a stipend from the fund. Nominated candidates cannot receive a stipendium if their graduation is scheduled for a date before the awarding.

In due time before each two-yearly round, the Wageningen professors will be invited per email to send in nominations. Also all Wageningen graduates schools will be notified in time.

The nomination and awarding of 2021 are postponed to January/February 2022 due to COVID-19 circumstances. Click on the downloads on the right for more information on nomination criteria en the nomination form.

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