Applying for a PhD position


One way to obtain a PhD position within WASS is to apply for a vacant position on a PhD project at one of the research groups affiliated to WASS. Vacancies are posted on Academic Transfer.

Open applications

If you wish to do a PhD within WASS but there are no vacancies in your field of interest, you should provide for your own project funding. Funding is needed for (1) the university tuition fee (2) the departmental research fee, and (3) the costs of living while residing in the Netherlands. WASS does not assist in finding sources of funding, but you can find more information on funding possibilities via this link.


Required documents


1.         A letter motivating your application


2.         A preliminary research proposal (approximately two A4) that includes:

a.         A problem definition

b.         Research questions

c.         The proposed methodology linked to the research questions

d.         Up-to-date literature references


3.         Curriculum Vitae, including information about your education, research experience and a list of publications. Please make sure that your Curriculum Vitae shows your present email- and home/postal address.


4.         Photo copy of your diploma(s) of higher education (Bachelor and Master, or equivalent), including the Transcript of Academic Records (courses followed and grades obtained). Documents must be submitted in the original language. If not in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish or Afrikaans an official English translation is required as well. If no Master’s degree is held, or the Master’s degree does not allow admission  to the PhD programme, other relevant higher educational diplomas and/or proof of expertise must be presented.


5.         References (not compulsory but recommended) from at least two supervisors/professors, with information on your performance in the Master program and your prospects for finishing a PhD in the area of application.


6.         Photocopy of your valid passport: ALL written and stamped pages, so also the pages with previous obtained visa and travel stamps.


7.         Proficiency test in the English language: If you are not Dutch, from a non-Anglophone country and you have not completed your higher education with English as the language of instruction, you have to submit an internationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language


8.         PhD candidate information form, available through the SSG Liaison Office. Prospective PhD candidates in the Environmental Sciences Group, are recommended to directly contact the chairgroup they would like to work with.*


9.         Information on funding via form Liaison Office and/or copy of sponsor letter *

*Prospective PhD candidates in the Environmental Sciences Group are recommended to directly contact the chairgroup they would like to work with.