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Education Project Services aims to connect real-life questions from society to courses at Wageningen University & Research. The first step in this process is to clarify your question. Education Project Services then aims to match your question to the right type of education.

Are you interested in working together with students and do you have a current issue or problem that needs answering? Contacting Education Project Services could be the right solution for you. At Wageningen University & Research there are approximately 10.000 students and they all possess qualities and expertise which you can access through Education Project Services.

Education Project Services offers the following opportunities to collaborate with students:


In many Bachelor and Master courses students are assigned to work on real-life topics. Each course has its own research methods. Because of this, all sorts of problems can be tackled. Some features of how students work on projects in courses are:

  • Short-term assignments (up to 8 weeks)
  • Students from the same educational programme, with similar expertise work together on the assignment
  • Students work in teams (team size varies for each course)
  • It depends on the course in which period of the academic year the course takes place

If you like to know more about the education opportunities, please contact the Education Project Services.

Academic Consultancy Training

Every year students from almost all Master's programmes at Wageningen University & Research participate in the course Academic Consultancy Training. In this training students learn to convert their academic expertise into an advice- or design-oriented assignment.

  • Short-term assignments (8 weeks)
  • Students from different master programmes with different expertise work together on the assignment
  • Students work as a team (consisting of 5 to 7 students)
  • This course is taught throughout the academic year

For more information about the Academic Consultancy Training course, we would like to direct you to the Academic Consultancy Training webpage.

Internship and thesis

During a Master’s programme it is compulsory for students to undertake an internship and write a thesis. During this internship, the knowledge which students have gained during their study will be put into practice in a professional environment.

  • Long-term assignments (4-6 months)
  • Individual students with a certain expertise
  • Internship and thesis assignments can start any time in an academic year

If you have an internship vacancy or a thesis assignment please get in touch with the Education Project Services by using the contact form.