Academic Consultancy Training

About Academic Consultancy Training

Wageningen University & Research offers the possibility for projects to be realized by Master students at relatively little cost and time. This is an opportunity for students to work on a project for a client in a real-life setting in the final phase of their studies.

The course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT):

  • Is a mandatory course for different Master's programmes of Wageningen University. Students of different studies and nationalities work together as one team. This ensures a broad view on the project.
  • is a course in which many international students participate. Consequently, it is preferred that the project is submitted in the English. However, the applicant can give a preference about the minimal number of students that speak a certain language in scope of conducting interviews or for reading literature in a certain language.
  • is scheduled five times throughout the academic year. Therefore, it is possible to submit one or more projects several times a year.
  • Is a course in which students work in teams of 5 to 7 people on an assignment for 8 weeks. Students will be guided by a coach and an academic advisor from the university during this time period. The coach takes care of the process of the ACT team and the advisor supervises the scientific quality of the product.
  • Requires an administrative fee of 50 euros. In addition, the client is asked to reimburse expenses such as travel expenses, printing costs, etc. of the students. You can find more about the costs and the role of the client here.

    Does your project not fit the requirements of ACT?

    Do you have doubts whether your request suits the characteristics of the ACT course? Then you can contact the Education Project Services via the contact form. With each other we will discuss the possibilities for students to work on your project.