Master's Communication, Health and Life Sciences

In the master's Communication, Health and Life Sciences in Wageningen you will study complex social challenges around health or life sciences from various perspectives. These life sciences can be for example climate, nature, environment, water, sustainability, biotechnology and food production. You will learn what the role of communication is in addressing these social challenges.

Master Communication, Health and Life Sciences

Why this programme?

  • The focus on life sciences or health and their interaction with complex societal challenges.
  • You will learn to build bridges between science, experts, professionals and citizens

Study programme of MSc Communication, Health and Life Sciences

During the master’s students learn to understand the role of communication in addressing complex social challenges. With this master’s in communication science, you will be able to find solutions to social challenges around health or life sciences. You will translate these issues for a diverse audience and build bridges across societal bounderies. Learn more about the full study programme.

This master's communication science is not the only master's programme in the field. The master’s differs from most other master’s programmes in the field because of the two-year programme instead of a one year programme. Including an internship, thesis, Research Master Cluster or Academic Consultancy Training. Compare this study programme with similar programmes from Wageningen University & Research and other universities.


Before you start with the MSc Communication, Health and Life Sciences you can choose one of the following specialisations that meets your personal interests. You can ask the study adviser for help and to make the right choice. See below more information on both specialisations which gives you a deeper understanding of the specific field.

Communication and Innovation

This specialisation will be about the role of communication in several fields of the life sciences; for example, nature, environment, water, nutrition and health, biotechnology and food production.

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Health and Society

If the social and behavioural aspects of health and health promotion interests you more, than this would be your fit. You will look at other factors that affect health and more in this field.

MSc Data Science for Food and Health

Our new master's Data Science for Food and Health teaches you to transform a broad range of relevant data sources into understandable and actionable knowledge, relevant for informed decision making.

Application and admission

Interested in taking part in the programme of Communication, Health and Life Sciences? Find out more about the specific admission requirements and application procedures.

Student experiences

Would you like to know about studying the master's Communication, Health and Life Sciences? Students share their experiences with you about the master's programme and student life in Wageningen on the page Student experiences.

After this programme, you will be able to work in the interface between communication and your chosen life science, and be very solution-oriented
Student Juul

Future career

If you would like to know what your possibilities are with a master's in communication sciences, you can read the stories of our alumni. They will tell you the career perspectives and opportunities after finishing the programme Communication, Health and Life Sciences.

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