Participants and topics

This year, 19 PhD candidates, 2 staff members and the chair of the group professor Vincenzo Fogliano will visite Australia, between 19 October and 2 November 2018. Below you can find the topics and names of the PhD students participating in the PhD Study Trip of 2018.

Chair holder
Vincenzo Fogliano

Staff members accompanying in the trip
Bea Steenbekkers
Ruud Verkerk

Organization committee
Mohèb Elwakiel
Lucía Frez Muñoz
Sara Pacheco Pappenheim
Mostafa Zahir
Hannah Zenker

Process and Product Design
Arianne van Eck
Onu Ekpa
Ayusta Fitriyono
Lijiao Kan
Jonna Koper
Sydney Phiri
Ana Rovalino Cordova
Li Wang
Zhijun Wang
Mostafa Zahir

Food Quality and Management Perception and Use
Lucía Frez Muñoz
James Ledo
Yuzheng Yang
Hongwei Yu

Dairy Science and Technology
Mohèb Elwakiel
Sara Pacheco Pappenheim
Ling Xiong
Hannah Zenker
Chunyue Zhang

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