Procedure Academic Consultancy Training

Do you still have questions after browsing our website?The Education Project Services is able to provide more information about the process and the contents of the course. Furthermore, they can help you with the formulation and submission of an ACT project.

Submit projects

Projects can be submitted throughout the entire academic year. Each year, there are 5 start moments for the projects. These are in September, November, January, March and May.

To determine whether (and for which academic period) the project can be offered to the students, the following is examined:

1. Whether the project meets the requirements that the course sets for a project.

2. Whether the subject of the project matches the expertise of the students who have registered for the course for the next period. This varies per period.

Especially this last point determines the starting point a project can be offered. Therefore, please note that there may be some time between submitting and starting the project. Even if the project has been submitted before a deadline of a specific period.

What to keep in mind

- Use the form, which is available in the right column, to describe your project. Fill out all fields in the form to make sure the relevant information is available for our students.

- The descriptions should draw the attention of students and inform them about the expected output.

- The outline of the students' tasks must be clear. However, at this stage, it is not necessary to give a very detailed description of the tasks.

- Indicate which expertise is needed from the students to carry out the project properly.

- Because many international students participate in this course, it is desirable that the assignment is submitted in English. It is also possible to indicate that at least a certain number of the students should master the Dutch language or another specific language, for example because a large part of the information is in Dutch or to have conversations with people who do not speak English.

- After your project has been submitted one of the staff members at the Education Project Services will contact you. With each other we will discuss your application and when needed ask some additional questions to clarify your project.