Moving to and living in Wageningen

Wageningen University staff and PhD candidates can approach HR advisers with matters concerning legal status, problems regarding supervision or other personnel issues. For other PhD candidates, supervisors can request PhD services to assist non-Dutch PhD candidates with obtaining:  

  • Visas and residence permits
  • Health and 3rd party liability insurance (for more information, consult the insurance page)   
  • Plane tickets (only for sandwich PhD candidates with a Wageningen University scholarship)

This can be done after registering as a PhD candidate in Promis (step 4 in the timetable) and should be done at least three months prior to your arrival in Wageningen. The request of the supervisor should be combined with steps 5 and 6 of the timetable.

Costs of living in Wageningen

On average, overall monthly expenditure is about € 1000 which include:

  • Rent of student accommodation: between € 300 and € 500 per month
  • Health insurance and legal liability insurance: approximately € 75 per month
  • Books and study materials: approximately € 200 per year
  • Groceries: approximately € 300 per month

Note that costs of travel to and from the Netherlands and visa costs (€ 650 for a stay of more than three months) must also be considered.