Nature for business and society

Business and industry can have a significant positive impact on biodiversity. They utilise non-renewable natural resources and rely heavily on ecosystem services, of which biodiversity is a key component. By acting sustainably, introducing benchmarks and standards for how they deal with their exploitation of the natural environment and by recognising the role that they can play as leaders in biodiversity conservation, the industrial and commercial sector can play an important role through voluntary action and by complying with regulation.

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We have a range of skills and experience that can support businesses in these efforts, and at many levels of intervention (global, national and local) and with many sectors. Whilst we have a long track record of working with agribusiness and farmers, we are increasingly working with the alternative energy industry, the transport sector, the banking sector, house builders and others involved in construction.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is another way that businesses can contribute to delivering environmental gain and biodiversity benefits; in doing so they recognise the important role that they have in society. Many businesses have strong relationships with local communities that supply them with their workforce, and sometimes involve them in activities in and around their business terrain. We also work with citizens and other stakeholders to mobilise their efforts in relation to a range of issues.

Involvement of society

Citizen science is a growing area where our involvement can help to mobilise local communities, communities of interest and other key actors in, for example, the collection of data and information in relation to environmental issues and solutions. In some cases our projects result in us working with local communities and other stakeholders to 'co-create' guidance and recommendations for innovative new ways of managing and protecting biodiversity for long-term local benefit, but with knowledge building, learning and development of best practice that we can export and use much more widely.